Run! Fight! Power of Friendship!
Episode 17, published Monday, December 14, 2020.

Shounen manga (Japanese graphic novels) is roughly defined as manga targeted at young men ages 12-18, but the genre is enjoyed far outside that specific demographic and is one of the bestselling genres in Japan. Shounen manga focus on high octane plots in almost any setting – fantasy, sci-fi, martial arts, etc. – with elements of humor and friendship/teamwork heavily present. Tune in this week to listen to us drill down in detail on a few of our favorite series: Haikyuu!!, Black Clover, and One Punch Man. We’ll discuss what makes them special in the shounen genre, what we loved and did not love, and how their anime adaptations turned out. And of course we have a whole list of honorable mentions to get through!

Keywords: Manga,graphic novels,Japan,anime,shounen,cosplasy,teens,animation
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