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Maricopa County Library District

Library District Administrative Office/Central Express Library

Open: Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm
2700 North Central Avenue, Suite 700
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Library District Administrative Organizational Chart [PDF]


Cindy Kolaczynski

Executive Assistant to the Director

Patti Thoemke

Deputy Director

Jeremy Reeder

Communications Administrator

Andrew Tucker

Library Development Administrator

Lena Beecher Sherman

Chief Technology Officer

Matt Miller

Finance Manager

John Werbach

Collection Manager

Laura Jamison

Branch Operations Administrator

Alicia Snarr

Customer Experience Administrator

Erin MacFarlane

Electronic Resources Manager

Michael Porter

Maricopa County Board of Library Directors

Jack Sellers
District 1

Steve Chucri
District 2

Bill Gates
District 3

Clint L. Hickman
District 4

Steve Gallardo
District 5

View Maricopa County Board of Library Directors meeting agendas and minutes.