Digital Escape Rooms

The Haunting of the Library

Something seems off as you walk by the library and decide to go investigate, what spooky fate awaits you inside though? The twists and turns will keep you guessing until the very end. Test your bravery in the escape room created by the teen group, The Guardians of the Library, from the Northwest Regional Library. Can you brave it until the very end?

Keyla's Halloween Party

Keyla is excited! She is celebrating Halloween with her friends and it is almost party time. She has everything ready, but she cannot find the rest of her costume. Help her set up the party and Breakout Her Halloween Costume!


It’s time to make your mark! You have the talent, you are something special, and the world wants to see what only you can do! The only problem is the Eraser was in the classroom last night and thinks he locked all of our creativity and inspiration in the Breakout EDU box. He believes without it, we will not be able to make our mark! Work together to figure out the combinations and break out our Creativity! Based on “The Dot” (c) by Peter H. Reynolds. Originally published by Candlewick. Used with the permission of Pippin Properties, Inc.

Escape the Tower: A Virtual Escape Experience

A skyscraper is caught in a battle between Wonder Woman and a villainous team - and you are trapped inside! Will you be able to escape?

Dinos Before Breakfast

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wake up, go to breakfast, and then find yourself suddenly transported to the Cretaceous? Well, wonder no more! In this escape room, you will attempt to return to your own time and meet a variety of animals that lived during the Cretaceous along the way.

Super Kitty Fairy Tale Escape

Help Super Kitty and other Fairy Tale animals get back to their stories by solving this digital escape room!

Escape the Experiment

When you awaken with no memory and unable to move, trapped staring at a screen it seems as though you have nowhere to go. But then a mysterious message asks you to trust them and help hack into the files and find out where you are. Your only hope is to crack the code and try and escape this experiment.

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