North Valley Regional Library iPads

We're excited to offer iPads at select branches for use in the library! Do you just need a few minutes to get online and all the public computers are busy? Check out an iPad and check into your social networks, write an email, or try out an app or two!

iPads are currently available at:

  • Aguila Library
  • El Mirage Library
  • Fountain Hills Library
  • Gila Bend Library
  • Goodyear Library
  • Guadalupe Library
  • Northwest Regional Library
  • Queen Creek Library

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can check out iPads?

  • Only current library card holders with a photo ID can check-out iPads.

What is the check-out time for iPads?

  • iPads may be checked out for up to two hours at a time and are renewable unless there are holds.

What are the penalties for damaged or late iPads?

  • The full cost of the iPad Air is $400.00
  • At this moment there is no late fee assigned
  • The total cost of the iPad will be applied to the customer's account for lost or damaged items

Where can a customer check-out an iPad?

  • iPads can be checked out at the Customer Service Desk.

What if a customer forgets their ID?

  • Customers will not be allowed to check-out an iPad without a photo ID and current library card.

Can I download personal music files and/or videos to the iPad?

  • Yes, but all personal files will be erased once the iPad is returned.

What should I do if the iPad isn't working?

  • If you're having technical issues with the iPad, return it immediately to the Customer Service Desk. Do not attempt to repair, adjust, or alter it in any way

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