Annual Report
July 2014 - June 2015

Maricopa County Library District

Our Customers

What we love about our libraries.

You visited us
3,039,369 times.

That's more than the number of people who visited Mt. Rushmore.

Mt. Rushmore

141,066 of you attended our public programs.

132,492 of you are active cardholders.

42,354 of you signed up for new library cards this year.


What you love about your libraries.


We've got what you need.

We circulated
7,396,715 items.

If we piled those items on top of each other,
the stack would reach a height of 116 miles.


We maintain a constantly evolving collection of 666,091 physical items.

This year, we added 201,056 new items.

And it looks like you’re still digging the ebooks.


This year we added two new streaming services.



How our budget stacks up.

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Financial data is based on unaudited numbers


This year, we held 6,068 programs. Here are a few of them:

Municipal Support

We are community partners.

In addition to operating 17 branches, we also provide support to all public libraries in Maricopa County.

We provide:


Library Assistance Program
This program distributes $2.6 million in materials to libraries in order to support the development of their physical and digital collections.

Capital P

We provide an Integrated Library System (electronic library catalog) to 11 municipalities.


We provide regular delivery service to all public libraries in the county.

Maricopa County Reads

Summer Reading Program
Our 2015 Maricopa County Reads Summer Reading Program had more than 77,000 participants from all across Maricopa County.


We provide a number of databases for research, education, and entertainment.

Freegal Reference USA Learning Express Gale Courses

Academic OneFile Novelist Plus Heritage Quest General OneFile

Ancestry Library Opposing Viewpoints in Context Rocket Languages Britannica Reference Center

Maricopa County Reads

Every Hero Has a Story.

Every Hero Has A Story Summer Reading Program

2015 was another landmark year for our Maricopa County Reads Summer Reading Program. This year’s theme, Every Hero Has a Story, set the stage for compelling programming and online activity that was enjoyed by customers of all ages.

Over 77,000 people registered for the program.
Over 27,000 earned a free book.
Over 328,000 digital badges were earned.

Children Creating Art

This year’s program was also notable because, for the first time, MCLD conducted a study to determine the impact of the summer reading program on children who participate. It is estimated that children lose an average of 22% of what they learned in school over the summer break. Based on our study of 535 first and second graders, children who participated in our summer reading program retained an average of 87% of their reading comprehension skills over the summer. That’s 9% higher retention, which equates to nearly a month of learning in an educational environment.

Our summer reading program keeps children engaged over the summer and helps reduce summer slide.

Information Technology

Bits & Bytes.



We upgraded the wireless Internet at our branches. The new system provides a stronger wireless signal, better coverage throughout our buildings, fewer drops, larger range areas, and faster connections.



We continued introducing tablets. We added a total of 25 iPads to supplement our public access computers.

Raspberry Pi

Pi Talkers

You may have noticed some of these cool little displays on your last visit to the library. These monitors are powered by a tiny computer called a Raspberry Pi. We’re using this new, inexpensive technology to help us better get the word out about our programs and services. These devices allow us to serve up a variety of content, without the waste of printing.


Bricks & Mortar.

MCLD Administrative Offices

This year saw the debut of our newest location, our Central Express Branch.

Admin Customer Service Desk

This centrally-located branch, conveniently located on Central Avenue in midtown Phoenix in our Administrative offices, offers a range of services, including free wi-fi, access to the library catalog, materials return, holds pickup, and more!

Book Drop

Where We're Going

New Identity.

MCLD Identity

Over the next year, MCLD will be getting a makeover. Our new look will be sweeping across our physical and virtual spaces. Keep an eye out for our new logo as well as new and improved directional signage. This year, we held community focus groups with our customers to help us evaluate the direction we should be going. This new look reflects what we learned.

MCLD Collateral Materials

New Website.

MCLD Website

We brought in a consultant to help us figure out how to make our website better. Using methods both high-tech and low, this group did extensive research to learn how our customers interact with website. The result was a beautiful, user-friendly plan that we’re looking to put into action early spring.

Please note: website photos are indicative of various stages in the design process, and do not necessarily reflect the final direction of the website design.

MCLD Website Platforms

Outcome-Based Programs.

Owl Pellet Dissection

The next year will bring with it a focus on the programs we offer. Based on customer feedback, we know that programming is a much-needed service we provide. We are looking to take it to the next level by developing outcomes to make sure our programs are making a difference in our communities. While we will continue to provide the same high level of service you’ve come to expect in all areas, we’ll be paying some special attention to three key areas: customer engagement, early learning, and digital skills.

Our People

Staff & Leadership.

Library Board of Directors

Maricopa County Library District Board of Directors

The mission of the Maricopa County Library District is to provide access to reading, exploring and discovering for all so they can be lifelong learners.


Cindy Kolaczynski and Tom Manos

The Maricopa County Library District aspires to be the vibrant community front porch, a destination where people exchange ideas, gain access, foster creativity and pursue knowledge.

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